I can t copy and paste in Blackboard

I can't copy and paste in Blackboard

This is a known issue in the newest version of the Blackboard text editor.

The new content editor in Blackboard uses JAVAScript and Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari currently do not allow JAVAScript to have access to the clipboard for security reasons.  In order to copy and paste into the Blackboard content editor using Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari you will need to use the keyboard shortcuts.


Control X- Cut

Control C- Copy

Control V- Paste

Mac OS

Command X- Cut

Command C- Copy

Command V- Paste

Also:   Firefox 22 has broken the ability to copy and paste in Blackboard via keyboard shortcuts on both Mac and PC.  Mozilla is aware of the problem and will fix the problem in their next release- Firefox 23.

Workaround:   Use a different browser, Chrome on PC or Safari on Mac.

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