What is my Blackboard Username and COM ID?

What is my Blackboard Username and COM ID?

Your Blackboard User name is the same as your WebAdvisor User name.

To retrieve your User name:

Option #1:

Go to the WebAdvisor page and select the What's My User ID / COM ID? link in the blue banner.
Fill in the information and click Submit

Your username and COM ID # will be displayed.

Your initial Blackboard password is also your seven digit COM ID.  Be sure to add leading zeros so that you actually type in 7 numbers.

Option #2:

Your seven digit COM ID is also located on your Student Registration Schedule / Receipt.

Option #3:

Your COM ID can also be found on your COM photo ID. The COM photo ID does not display the leading zeros at the beginning of your ID.  Be sure to add enough zeros to the beginning of your COM ID to make it seven digits. For example, an ID of 12345 should be entered as 0012345.

If you are a COM student and are also an employee at COM:

Your password will not be your seven digit COM ID number.  Your password will be the password you use when you log on to a campus computer or when you access your student email account. 

Note: Your Blackboard password can be reset to your seven digit COM ID by submitting a Ticket at https://helpdesk.com.edu/


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